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a member of a North American Indian people of Cataract Canyon in Arizona

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the Yuman language spoken by the Havasupai

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The Pine Springs Band adjacent to the Havasupai on the west followed, for example, a seasonal pattern precisely opposite to that of the Havasupai.
He has Pai (actually Havasupai band members) "coalesce" into local bands "ranging in size from ten to fifty-five members" who hunted in groups.
The population congregated at the bottom of Cataract Canyon tending orchards and annual crops has frequently been reported as the total Havasupai band population.
The other Plateau People, except the Pine Springs Band, gardened like the Havasupai in the bottoms of six South Rim canyons containing creeks tributary to the Colorado River:
Braatz accurately noted that McGuire and Schwartz described Hualapai and Havasupai aboriginal sociopolitical structures as "profoundly different" McGuire and we described regional headmen [our band chiefs] "with the authority to adjudicate disputes, hand down punishments, and summon followers to war.
The nature of Havasupai band chieftainship is, therefore, a crucial theoretical and factual issue.
Havasupai apparently named kindreds after territories they occupied.
Dobyns and Euler, "Historic Havasupai Population Trends," 74-78.
This was the type of justice the Havasupai understood.
Aboriginal Socio-Political Structure and the Ethnic Group Concept of the Pai of Northwestern Arizona" In Havasupai Indians, ed.
Historic Havasupai Population Trends" In From Chaco to Chaco: Papers in Honor of Robert H.
Others lived near Pine Springs next to the differentiating Havasupai band.
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