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the capital and largest city of Cuba

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Going down 23rd Street, the Alaska Building, the festive Cabadero Funeral Home, the Indochina Store, the Tikoa Club, Club 23, La Rampa Cinema, and over there, close to the Maracas Club, you may even bump into Matancero song writer Frank Dominguez going out of his building, where he lived nocturnally and as a Havanan for many years, or at least, listen to him playing the magic notes of Tu me acostumbraste, his most famous bolero on his "feelings" piano, from the balcony of his apartment above the La Zorra y el Cuervo Club.
BRITISH Airways Holidays (0870 24 24 245) 7nts B&B at the Conde de Villanueva in Havana, a traditional Havanan residence with 9 rooms and a beautiful courtyard, pounds 779 p.
Havanan ladies could receive male visitors indoors, hut only under observance of strict formalities.
SJL: You abhor, rightly so, the cliches of academic thinking (like calling literature "experimental"), among them the tendency to categorize you as a Latin American writer, to which you retort that you are a Cuban, indeed a Havanan writer.
Virtually every Havanan keeps at least a few dollars in a drawer, but has to enlist a foreigner as a go-between to spend them.