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the capital and largest city of Cuba

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Introducing it as "the TBA's most prestigious award", Plunkett said: "Here are a few clues about our latest recipient who would be puffing away at a Havana cigar as I speak if he had his way: "He was brought up in the West Country and has always been a great supporter of Exeter Football Club.
Each day, while I retired to bed, you would sink into your exclusive reclining arm chair, and smoke that Havana Cigar, that you were so fond of
One early memo described the Iraqi leader as someone who "enjoys a good Havana cigar.
MR BROCKLEBANK has been sitting in his armchair nursing a Napoleon brandy in one hand, while the smoke from his Havana cigar rises from the other, filling his library with the delicious aroma of winter festivities.
Some of his fans, forgetting that memory has a way of fading with time, will insist that a Havana cigar was either sticking out of his mouth, or lying somewhere on the mound, when he was a pitcher in the Major Leagues.
They don't realise that the aroma of a fine Havana cigar is infinitely less objectionable than some powdered crone sat drenched with cheap scent.
Even if you are not staying the night, drop in for a latenight martini in the plush Malachite bar (open until 2am) or puff on a Havana cigar in the Divan room.
The 41st floor is home to the Grand Havana Cigar Club, an elite bar overlooking the city whose use is restricted to private members.
On hearing the news on July 17 I peeled open my long preserved Havana cigar and relished it in the manner that one celebrates Guy Fawkes night, whilst consoling myself that at least he lived long enough to see the EU constitution defeated and the beginning of the end of the corrupt pan-European dictatorial government
Known for his perpetual display of an affable nature and a colloquial expression, as well as his short stature, very light complexion, and scarce hair of curly texture that gave away his African ancestry, Amadito pleasantly inhaled a large whiff of pure white smoke from his Havana cigar and proceeded to warn us, looking out of the comer of his eye: "I'm certain that this won't be the last time they do it either.
I believe that, in hell, such stories are read aloud to tied-damned, like the afternoon papers are read to the workers in the Havana cigar factories.
Men dominated seed and Havana cigar production, combining domestic and imported tobaccos to make a ten-cent cigar that bore the mark of skilled hand labor.
Tasting notes for this superior cognac include a mix of very rich and complex flavors, hinting at hot honey, leaf of Havana cigar, creme brulee, licorice and freshly roasted coffee.
I would willingly sign on for pounds 300 per day, then I would go to a "gentleman's club" for a nice slap up meal, quaff a fine cognac or three and relax and enjoy a fine Havana cigar.