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the capital and largest city of Cuba

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The City's archives contain a rich cultural heritage collection including the Havana City Council documents.
He also had to get the boys of the Havana City Boxing Academy in his corner and learn to fight his emotions.
65 Mouth of Jaimanitas River flows a less populated river neighborhood of Havana city.
Socioeconomic status and number of survey respondents in nine RACSS (a)/RAAB (b) studies in Latin American countries, 1999-2006 Survey Socioeconomic Year Country Survey area conditions 1999 Paraguay nationwide all (e,f) 2002 Peru Piura and Tumbes rural; poor Districts 2003 Argentina part of Buenos urban; poor to Aires middle income 2003 Brazil Campinas City urban; all (f) 2004 Cuba Havana City urban; poor to middle income 2004 Venezuela nationwide all (e,f) 2004 Guatemala four provinces urban and rural; poor to middle income 2005 Mexico Nuevo Leon State urban and rural; poor to middle income 2006 Chile Bio Bio Province urban and rural; poor to middle income Survey Population Total Sample 50+ Coverage Year population size (%) (c) (%) (d) 1999 4 153 000 2 136 12.
14 in Jardines del Rey, central Ciego de Avila province, one of the main tourist resorts on the island along with Varadero and Havana City.
These photos were taken in Alamar, a very high-density housing area, i5 minutes from the centre of the capital, Havana City with block on block of high-rise apartments.
Jose San Martin Martinez, director of the National Surveillance and Anti-Vector Unit of the Public Health Ministry, told the nation there was no epidemic in Cuba, but "we have three provinces infested by the mosquito: Havana city, Santiago, and Guantanamo.
In September 2000, DENV-3 was isolated for the first time in Cuba, producing a small outbreak that affected 3 areas of Havana City.
Born in 1972 in Havana City, Cuba, Mendoza was educated at the School of Fine art San Alejandro in Havana, Havana University and Hard Court College in the United States.
A crowd of us went ashore one day to enjoy ourselves, and when we got into Havana city, a crowd of Spaniards gathered around us and tried to kill us, but we licked a couple of them and fought our way out.