Hatteras Island

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a barrier island running parallel to the North Carolina shore

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Dare County officials ordered a mandatory evacuation for visitors on Hatteras Island south of Oregon Inlet effective 6 a.
Tourists and some residents packed ferries and crowded the only highway off Ocracoke and Hatteras islands, where voluntary and mandatory evacuations were in effect, though some people stayed behind to look after their homes.
Vehicles drive across Roanoke Sound leaving Hatteras Island in Nags Head
In the future, a rat-borne plague has rendered the American mainland unlivable, so sixteen-year-old Thorn's family lives in a tiny colony on Hatteras Island.
DELUGEJ Flooded Hatteras Island, North Carolina ROAD CLOSED J Police chief Paul Doucette views road which crumpled under the huge water pressure in Woodford, Vermont SWAMPED Householder gazes out from his submerged home in Fairfield, Connecticut, as the monster storm moves on WASHED OUT 3Billy and Erin on the cottage steps
IN TOO DEEP A car sits submerged in New Jersey A destroyed road in Hatteras Island, North Carolina ripped to pieces by hurricane Irene.
We never lost power," said Mike Howe, a resident of Salvo on Hatteras Island.
When you think of the iconic light house, you're thinking of Hatteras Island, whether you know it or not.
After all, the ocean is still nibbling away at Hatteras Island.
It still stands among the windblown sands of Hatteras Island (North Carolina), untouched by development, a monument to the lifesavers it once housed.
On Hatteras Island, most homes and businesses were closed and only a few people were on the streets.
Out here, we deal in short-term responses to Mother Nature," adds Danny Couch, who has lived on Hatteras Island all his life.
The touristy attractions slack off as you cross Oregon Inlet to HAtteras Island and then take the car ferry to the quiet isolation of Ocracoke.
Located at 24251 Atlantic Drive on Hatteras Island in Rodanthe, the 850-foot Rodanthe Pier includes a pier house, small game room and snack bar.
Yesterday, Governor Cooper declared a State of Emergency and waived weight and hours of service restrictions in response to the power outages on Hatteras Island in Dare County and Ocracoke Island in Hyde County.