Hatteras Island

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a barrier island running parallel to the North Carolina shore

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Mobile Hatteras PLUS users can tap into the app, which syncs directly with the Hatteras Realty concierge, to view local Hatteras Island events.
Tourists and some residents packed ferries and crowded the only highway off Ocracoke and Hatteras islands, where voluntary and mandatory evacuations were in effect, though some people stayed behind to look after their homes.
Hatteras Island is particularly vulnerable to storm surge and flooding and the road is easily blocked by sand and water.
Waves from offshore Hurricane Sandy are battering Hatteras Island
IN TOO DEEP A car sits submerged in New Jersey A destroyed road in Hatteras Island, North Carolina ripped to pieces by hurricane Irene.
We never lost power," said Mike Howe, a resident of Salvo on Hatteras Island.
When you think of the iconic light house, you're thinking of Hatteras Island, whether you know it or not.
After all, the ocean is still nibbling away at Hatteras Island.
On Hatteras Island, most homes and businesses were closed and only a few people were on the streets.
Out here, we deal in short-term responses to Mother Nature," adds Danny Couch, who has lived on Hatteras Island all his life.
The touristy attractions slack off as you cross Oregon Inlet to HAtteras Island and then take the car ferry to the quiet isolation of Ocracoke.
Located at 24251 Atlantic Drive on Hatteras Island in Rodanthe, the 850-foot Rodanthe Pier includes a pier house, small game room and snack bar.
For several years the Southern Environmental Law Center, and others led by the Defenders of Wildlife have sought to use public sympathy for endangered wildlife to garner support for beach closures along the already highly protected beaches of Hatteras Island.
Dare County issued the order for people in seven villages on Hatteras Island, on North Carolina's Outer Banks coastline.
Unlike big resort beaches, Hatteras Island beaches provide ample solitude--where a group of sandpipers or a picnicking family are the only crowds.