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a long sturdy pin used by women to secure a hat to their hair

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Expect to pay up to PS50 for a single button, but PS400 or more for a carded set of six, while a hatpin with a good long stem is worth at least PS200, although beware it's not a button stuck to a pin.
One year it was a chocolate box full of all sorts of things like hatpins, bits of ribbon and lace, stamp edging and my first milk tooth.
When my wife and 1 arrived, she made herself available for autographs and was handing out Marksman hatpins.
When Nanny tries to calm Granny after Letice's visit, Granny sneeringly uses the word "nice" to describe her motives, her hatpins, and her pink knitted privy lid cover (112).
Not to mention rumble seats on roadsters, truant officers, "Quiet" signs in libraries, detective magazines, walking sticks, scooters, hatpins, straitjackets, chorus girls, and railroad conductors calling out the names of station stops.
I hope it's got one of those big hatpins that you stick in your head, or it may not stay on for long.
I pierced my ears with hatpins but was too cowardly to do anything drastic with my hair, unlike my best friend.
My favourite is the time he took the Queen Mum to New York and she sat - hat and hatpins firmly in place - in the jump seat in the cockpit for the whole 3hrs 23mins, oohing and aahing and, presumably, calling for a stiff G&T.
By the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 1930s, costume jewellery had embraced modern materials and a riot of necklaces, bracelets, brooches, hatpins and even handbag frames were made from early plastics such as bakelite (patented in 1907), phenol and celluloid.
If on a tighter budget, the Betty hatpins and lapel badges can be picked up for around pounds 5-pounds 6 each.
When the reader first encounters Nat Turner, for example, he suffers from the maddening itching of the countess small wounds caused by the women of Jerusalem who had stabbed him with their hatpins while he was being marched to the jail (p.
They are sure to find fragments of old newspapers, bottles, broken dishes, hatpins and other personal items as well as seeds, nutshells, bones and other natural debris, which will shed light on Chicago's colorful past and natural history.
The Edwardian period produced hatpins as long as 12 inches, but it's the head of the pin which draws the collector.
Alas, the state is not about subtle trade-offs concerning Monica's desire for hatpins vs.
Still others develop a liking for animal figures, doorknobs, hatpins, books, china or other specific items.