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mail that expresses the writer's dislike or hatred (usually in offensive language)

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You get the odd hatemail and all that, but to be fair the ones that you do meet are nice.
I've spoken to a couple of people about it and I'm preparing myself for a bit of hatemail.
I suffered a barrage of hatemail, irate emails and furious tweets as her misguidedly loyal fan base leapt to her defence.
HOME & AWAY: Hugo receives more hatemail over his new business proposal, while Annie is unsure whether continuing surfing lessons with Romeo is a good idea.
The thousands of celebrity-obsessed HateMail readers who have turned this into a major news story should take a long, hard look at themselves.
screeches the hatemail from people who relish using exclamation marks and, unlikeme, definitely know their arias from their elbows.
It led to him receiving hatemail from Welsh supporters and even death threats.
Elements within the terror groups have been sending out hatemail and posting dozens of grim death threats on hardline loyalist internet websites.
Helen, recently named Best Actress award for her performance in the film As Good As It Gets, has hired more bodyguards after being bombarded with hatemail.
STEPHEN Ireland has revealed that he still receives hatemail for turning his back on his country.
But I must admit I was still a little bit surprised by the poisonous nature of your hatemail - regardless of my snidey comments.
She claimed the couple had received anonymous hatemail after they were sacked.
Defence lawyer David Hall said Miller had been "horrified" by his behaviour and that he had received hatemail since the attack.
Mr Gerald Baker, aged 66, was devastated to receive hatemail wrongly identifying him as a sex offender from Kent with the same name whose details were published in the paper.
In the first, we hear of the defence case of a teacher charged with attempted assault and sending hatemail to a female colleague.