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Synonyms for hatchet man

Synonyms for hatchet man

a professional killer

one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior

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Dornan said: "People call us the Hatchetmen but we proved we can play good football and get results.
Meanwhile, inside a mysterious Joss house filled with bronze idols and burning incense, Li Ching plots the murder of his rival with a corps of hatchetmen who together "swear to carry out the decree of death.
Homage will be paid to every high-profile guv'nor from Dave Mackay to Roy Keane, but what about the legions of hatchetmen who conducted their business in the lower leagues?
As one of Harry Hopkins's hatchetmen in the Roosevelt Administration, McDougal came to understand that very well.
It has lasted nearly two millennia, survived the fall of several empires, broken wave after wave of invading barbaric thugs, turned hatchetmen into Holy Roman emperors, preserved learning through the Dark Ages, and given eschatological witness in the teeth of the French, the industrial and sundry Marxist revolutions.
The Hatchetmen won the first piece of silverware of the season last Tuesday when Ballymena were comprehensively outgunned in the final of the County Antrim Shield at the Showgrounds.
The Scotland manager took his fair share of whacks from lumbering defenders in his time and appreciates just how good Cruyff was to have flourished so spectacularly in an era when hatchetmen were given free rein to kick more talented footballers all over the park.
He banned all chat of title glory until they finally had their hands on the trophy, when the Hatchetmen were let loose for hard boozing, but Baxter is happier to let them enjoy this European ride.
The two hatchetmen in the centre (Whelan and Andrews) did a grand total of nothing throughout the entire tournament and Gibson didn't even get off the bench.
My view is that I would rather see the total number of jobs in this country going up rather than going down - so I won't be supporting Gordon Brown and the other hatchetmen who want to shove more people on to the dole.
Owen won't be foolish enough to imagine that the hatchetmen have given up their quest to cut him down to size.
Those notorious hatchetmen would probably offer a wry smile at the current fondness for well-timed tackles, while mocking the notion that Robbie Savage - booked within five minutes for a crude challenge on Manchester United's Juan Sebastian Veron - is a soccer hard man.
Indeed, the Hatchetmen appeared nailed on to make it three in a row last season, only to go uncharacteristically off the boil during the crunch final weeks of the campaign, conceding just enough ground to allow a resurgent Linfield to pip them to the post.
The high-flying Hatchetmen made easy work of their struggling visitors, holding on to their six-point lead at the top.
Glasgow IT would have been better for Scottish independence if we had retained our heavy industries - like steel, coal and shipbuilding - instead of letting Margaret Thatcher destroy them with the help of the Tartan Tories who backed her Westminster hatchetmen.