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Synonyms for hatchet man

Synonyms for hatchet man

a professional killer

one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior

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A hatchetman who has lived here for 20 years but because he is a "nondom" pays no tax on most of his earnings.
And so, with her hired hatchetman Ian McGregor, the Coal Board's very own Genghis Khan, she vowed to cut the miners down to size.
But the hatchetman became a saviour when he realised that the plant had potential.
Hatchetman defender Claudio Gentile kept Zico, Maradona and the world's top players under control when Cassano was still in nappies.
Someone should tell that to Tory hatchetman George Osborne.
Keane, who manages Ipswich, beat former Chelsea hatchetman Ron 'Chopper' Harris to claim the title in the poll.
If Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri is the tinkerman then Graeme Souness must be the hatchetman.
The swinging boot of vicious Greek hatchetman Triantifillos Maharidis that left Durie's ankle in tatters during Gers' 2-0 UEFA Cup win against Salonika, has cost Jukebox so much.
Yes, that right's, Chopper after the legendary Chelsea hatchetman of the 1970s who used to cut down attackers like a robotic lumberjack.
Hamilton hatchetman Jim Sherry was shown a straight red card after 33 minutes for a vicious lunge on winger Willie McLaren after his two previous fouls on the Airdrie hero had gone unpunished.
In a five-hour masterclass he went from bully boy hatchetman to Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs Kramer.