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a long sturdy pin used by women to secure a hat to their hair

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for Hat Pin plc from 1 January 2008 until his resignation on 2 February
Beloved only child of John and Doris Moffat (formerly of Carters Lane, Halesowen), president of the Hat Pin Society of Great Britain and a loyal friend to many.
Like me she decided to take her daughter to a reputable place to have her ears pierced, hoping it would prevent her from doing anything silly with a hat pin.
Keith created hat pin fruit skewers which were placed in a hat covered with galax leaves for serving.
Whenever we went out, to the corner shop, say, she would put her customary hat on in the kitchen by looking in the mirror with its distinctive silver glass and fastening the hat pin (do they still exist?
Lewinsky expressed gratitude for some of the gifts Clinton gave her, particularly a hat pin.
Sky Posse(C) pins are a small but easily recognizable lapel, shirt or hat pin that serve as a silent signal to those around you.
Dewi will be particularly remembered for the gold and slate hat pin which was commissioned for Diana, Princess of Wales.
THE January sales are renowned for assassins, wielding brolly or hat pin, making a one-eyed charge for the best of bargains and woe betide anyone who gets in their way.
8 million, has won a long-term contract with British Airways to make pressed metal items from buttons to tie bars and the distinctive Speedmark chrome-plated stewardess's hat pin.
Red flower hat pin, pounds 10 and cream flower hat pins, pounds 12 each from House of Fraser, Glasgow.
He gave her a T-shirt, a book of poetry, a brooch, a hat pin and a stuffed animal.
The 21st century, and those who seek to profit by it, can go and stuff themselves with a bent hat pin.
The ceramics section held the biggest surprise with a damaged pair of 18th Century English porcelain hat pin holders flying to unseen heights to sell for pounds 2,600 from a lowly estimate and yet again a London enthusiast securing the lot on the phone.