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one of two classical Hindu epics

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you had come (here) then I would have built a Hastinapura
In Hastinapura, the Pandavas and the Kauravas are under the care of Drona, who is teaching them all the various forms of combat and the skills of mental and physical discipline.
It is widely believed, even by those who ought to know, that, blessed with [divine vision], Samjaya sat with Dhrtarastra in his chamber in Hastinapura, and from there he could see the happenings on the battlefield, which he related to Dhrtarastra as a sort of running commentary" (p.
20, as the brahmins of Hastinapura greet and welcome Yudhisthira as their king, they are "bubbling with sound like honking geese" (hamsavan nedusam.
There is nothing in common between Hastinapura and New Delhi, even less between Hastinapura and Ibadan - except the fact that they are inhabited areas located on a continuous scale with megalopolises and conurbations at one end and isolated houses at the other, with huge time and place variables.