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Hassocks was launched in September 2006 with a police message to thieves to "stop what you are doing or we'll come and stop you".
BUDGENS Orion Parade, Keymer Road, Hassocks, West Sussex Date of shopping trip: 19.
The body of Mrs Moore was discovered by her distraught daughter in the semi-detached house in Hassocks Lane, Beeston, where she lived alone.
Her daughter became alarmed and went round to the semi-detached house in Hassocks Lane, Beeston, where she made the horrific discovery.
Geoffrey Campbell, 31, was also named as missing by his brother Matthew, 34, from Hassocks, West Sussex.
We'll be buying ottomans from a little company called Hassocks that we deal with, and we're looking for anything but blue, green and navy in upholstery.
There will be virtually no services as far as Brighton since adverse weather conditions have severely damaged railway embankments in the Hassocks area.
The use of the second person, so often a self-reflexive trick, has a subversive charm in this circling narrative: "You have, some nights, stood back from yourself and watched as you lingered at the bank of the river Sutlej, studying its shoals and shallows, its hassocks and hourglass faggots of brittle river grasses, looking for a way to escape.
Between Labour and Capital, Hassocks, Harvester Press, 1979, p.
Jane sat, weak-kneed, on one of the cowhide hassocks.
Lehmann (ed), Syntactic Typology: Studies in the Phenomenology of Languages, Harvester, Hassocks, Sussex, 329-94.
SEND a large SAE to the Narcolepsy Association, 2 Bishop's Close, Hurstpierpoint, Hassocks, West Sussex BN6 9XU.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ and Hassocks, Sussex, England: Humanities Press, 1980, p.
The sitting room of our suite offered deep, comfortable chairs to sink into and hassocks to put our feet up on after a day's sightseeing.