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a sect of Orthodox Jews that arose out of a pietistic movement originating in eastern Europe in the second half of the 18th century

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Concludes Shaffir, "For hassidim, protection and preservation require erecting fences or enclosures and there must be full implementation at street level" (42).
According to Frantisek Langer, brother of Jiri Langer, the Jewish youth from Prague who left home to live among the Hassidim of Eastern Galicia, and author of Die Erotik der Kabbala, "During the war he had made friends with Franz Kafka, and the two men used to go for walks together in Prague.
The government even tolerated the Hassidic movement, in spite of denunciations accusing leading Hassidim of endangering the Russian state.
Reported by: A Hassidim, K Waters-Montijo, W Wooten, MD, M Sawyer, MD, D Sidelinger, MD, Health and Human Svcs Agency, San Diego; K Harriman, PhD, H Backer, MD, Div of Communicable Disease Control, Center for Infectious Diseases, California Dept of Public Health.
The Jewish community itself is highly diverse and ranges from the ultra-orthodox Hassidim to the mainly secular recent Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.
According to Messianic Jews resident in Arad, since 2004 the Gur Hassidim have demonstrated regularly in front of the homes of Christians and Messianic Jews in Arad to protest alleged Christian proselytizing by this group.
Revolving around an ultraorthodox Jewish prophecy, a group of Hassidim based in Brooklyn, New York, plus a kidnapping and plenty of murders, Sam Bourne has spun a highly-charged, theologically accurate tale.
RABBI MENAHEM MENDEL of Kotzk (1787-1859) was one of the most remarkable figures of Hassidim, the populist Jewish mystical movement.
More recently in the United States, some publications (albeit not necessarily academic in focus) have drawn attention to the interactions between the Hassidim and other communities (sometimes other Jewish communities, such as S.
Les hassidim sont ces personnages, tout de noir vetus et arborant de vastes chapeaux de fourrure lors de leurs fetes.
It is known that Schulz wrote a third book, Messiah (apparently about the Hassidim in eighteenth-century Poland).
Buber seeks a source for Jewish renewal in the language and culture of the Hassidim, while Lasker-Schuler sees it in the spirit of art, the "Wildjude" (wild Jew)--as opposed to the unintellectual Jew who has internalized the values of rationalism and materialism.
Shmuel Safrai has considered Tanna Devei Eliyahu a work coming from the circle of the Hassidim, providing him (31) with a Jewish context in light of which to appreciate the teaching of Jesus.
Como dato curioso, el Rabi Yehuda he-Hassid, en su Sefer Hassidim (Libro de los devotos) aconsejaba estrictamente a sus discipulos que, si por alguna desventura, caia una mancha de tinta en su libro y en sus vestiduras, debian de limpiar primero el libro y despues lo demas.
In the crematoria, the ashes of Hassidim and Anshei Maseh (pious Jews) were mixed with the ashes of radicals and freethinkers and we must fight against the enemy who does not recognize the difference between one who worships and one who does not .