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a sect of Orthodox Jews that arose out of a pietistic movement originating in eastern Europe in the second half of the 18th century

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Shmuel Safrai has considered Tanna Devei Eliyahu a work coming from the circle of the Hassidim, providing him (31) with a Jewish context in light of which to appreciate the teaching of Jesus.
In the crematoria, the ashes of Hassidim and Anshei Maseh (pious Jews) were mixed with the ashes of radicals and freethinkers and we must fight against the enemy who does not recognize the difference between one who worships and one who does not .
Then there are smaller, more extreme Orthodox groups such as the Hassidim, which includes sects such as the Satmers and Lubavitchers, who wear distinctive dark frocks, black hats on men, and wigs, or sheitel, on women.
For a while the streets come alive with a dancing group of Hassidim tourists, who later visit the Jewish cemetery after nightfall.
The results are extraordinary," according to Shay Hassidim, Deputy Chief Technology Officer of GigaSpaces.
According to Messianic Jews resident in Arad, since April 2004 members of the Gur Hassidim movement have demonstrated regularly in front of the homes of Christians and Messianic Jews in Arad to protest alleged proselytizing by these groups.
But other requests gave rise to trials, the most publicized of which were the following: a Hassidim group demanded the right to put erouv wire in one district (granted by the Quebec Superior Court, June 2001), and a student demanded the right to carry a Kirpan at school (disallowed by the same court, 2004).
Buber's appreciation of Biblical hagaddah, as well as the stories of the hassidim, recognizes a power in them, a kavannah, a holy intention, to speak and to transform one.
To meet the tough requirements of our financial services user base, GigaSpaces XAP delivers the highest transaction processing performance for demanding applications under any circumstance," said Shay Hassidim, deputy chief technology officer at GigaSpaces.
However, Montreal's Yiddish-speaking seniors and Hassidim are not so mobile, but have a far greater tendency to remain in that community (26) - thus protecting its vitality as a place where Yiddish is actively spoken.