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of or relating to the Jewish Hasidim or its members or their beliefs and practices

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In both the Hassidic tale and Benjamin's philosophy at large, therefore, such images do not serve to conjure up an ideal universe or a longed-for future but they invite an urgent intervention in the world, however small and seemingly insignificant such an intervention may seem: sometimes no more than a simple shirt is needed to turn the world into a different place, just like, according to Benjamin, "the world would be not altogether changed after the coming of the Messiah but, on the whole, become a little bit' different from what it was.
In each of them, Woody Allen turns the Rabbis' makeshift remarks into the catalyst of the comic effect, thus sabotaging the architecture of Hassidic storytelling by means of parody.
Another difference between Hassidic sects concerns their attitudes towards modern Zionism and the state of Israel.
The leaders of the various clubs start off looking like stereotypes (trash-talking African American, Hassidic Jew, glasses-wearing nerd, Chinese super student, possibly insane geek girl), but Robinson gives each of them unique personalities and lets them be more than their appearance indicates.
The son of a rabbi - he was born Monek Prager into a Hassidic Jewish family near Krakow in Poland before the family fled to the East End of London with the growing danger posed by the anti-semitic government of Nazi Germany - Duff and his business partners dominated British boxing before the emergence of Frank Warren in the 1980s.
In this light, I offer a sample of Hassidic insights that I believe can be used by both Christians and Jews to find the trust in God that leads to redemption.
An acquaintance told army radio that the man was a volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen run by the Hassidic Chabad movement.
The mass rally in Manhattan's Foley Square drew an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 participants mainly from New York's Hassidic community.
I had snickered too loudly at the halting delivery of a pirate in Hassidic curls; I couldn't take my eyes off a transcendental keyboard player in a fur hat and dark shades; when Dr.
Of Interest: Born to a secular family in New York, helmer Burshtein adopted the strict Hassidic codes governing life and worship shortly after she graduated from Sam Spiegel Film School in 1994.
Next, an assumption was made that 100% of males entering Hassidic schools (2,665), and 50% of those entering Yeshiva schools (899) would have had direct orogenital suction, yielding an estimated annual population at risk of 3,564.
They hired two thugs to dress as Hassidic Jews in beards and black-brimmed hats, then pretend to rob their Manhattan business.
Among their topics are humor as practical wisdom, humor in Hinduism, reconstructing the religious humor of Aristophanes' comedy Acharnians in Greek and English target-texts, Jewish humor and Hassidic wisdom, Jesus laughing in Biblical-demiurgical texts, being serious about laughter in early modern Biblical plays, the Muslim sense of humor, the pictorial history of boundaries not to be crossed when laughing at God, and the fool and the path to spiritual insight.