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a member of a Jewish sect that observes a form of strict Orthodox Judaism

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Both Hassid [19] and Andea [14] did not show a correlation with PanIN and its locations, but Andea observed that more than half of the lesions (53%) originated from the head of the pancreas.
Manifesting itself as an inability to properly digest gluten (a protein found in wheat, rye and barley), celiac disease, if not detected early, can lead to such long-term health complications as cancer, coronary heart disease, osteoporosis, neurological deficits, anemia and generalized poor quality of life, according to Hassid.
Whenever possible, HAP looks to elevate the standard of residential design while complementing the existing context of the neighborhood architecture," Hassid said.
Minodier P, Kone-Paut I, Nassur A, Launay F, Jouve JL, Hassid S, et al.
In addition, increased social support is related to better physical health, including higher cardiovascular fitness (Dunton, Schneider, & Cooper, 2007), better recovery rates from cancer (Pinquart, Frohlich & Silbereisen, 2007), and lower levels of illness, such as flu (Gidron, Hassid, Yisrael, & Biderman, 2005).
The label's most successful release to date featured Matisyahu, a famously devout Lubavitcher Hassid and highly accomplished reggae singer and beatboxer.
Moreover, both our personal investigations [24] and those of Hassid et al.
In every house, in every study hall and in every store and street, nothing was heard besides, "Mitnaged and Hassid, Hassid and Mitnaged.
Hassid said the Cashio development is unique in its kosher amenities, acknowledging the kosher retirement and assisted-living condos and hotels in other parts of the country.
For example, many Latino substance abusers are extremely caring and sensitive to their own and others' feelings and life experiences (Bourgeois, 1995; Hassid et al.
However, an empirical investigation (see Hassid, 1997, pp.
Barlea Hassid, spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in Paris, yesterday said the Minister had indicated Mr Miller was killed by an Israeli bullet.
You can totally tell Ron and Hermione are going to get together,'' offered eighth-grader Rachel Hassid, 13, with great confidence.
Produced by Tony Markes, Wonder Fortune Serra, Brad Rowe, Daniel Hassid, Adam Rifkin.
The NO is able to blockade the vascular SMC proliferation in vitro and in vivo (Garg & Hassid, 1989; Kolpakov et al.