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Norwegian chemist noted for his research on organic molecules (1897-1981)


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Dr Rainer Hassel was elected as the Chairperson of the council and Jessy Kamwi as the Vice-Chair.
Responding to the demands of the locals who laid down their grievances and losses, the governor underscored interest in having their needs met, offering SYP 4 million in aid for improving services in al-Safira city, 1 million for Tal Hassel and 1 million for Tal Aran.
Hassel says Bulgaria did not take the EU's words into sight and that was way the Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger asked an explanation as to why legislative changes were made.
Hassel said that the bank would consider acquiring 100 percent of its joint venture with state-controlled WestLB, WestLB Mellon.
Fire officer Joe Hassel, called to the scene, said: "He was up to his shoulders in mud and the tide was coming in fast.
Station officer Joe Hassel, of Colchester Fire Station, said: "The tide was rapidly coming in and the man was in danger of drowning.
STEVEN Hassel, development director at Westfield, has been unveiled as the new chairman of the Black Country Consortium.
Hassel baink turned up for pre-season fitness tests with the Bluebirds yesterday, even though the club have made it clear he does not figure in their plans for the coming season.
The striker may no longer be at the club to terrorise the Foxes defence, but Robbie Fowler and Jimmy-Floyd Hassel baink are more than capable of inflicting the same amount of pain as the visitors look to build on their encouraging away form.
Military high life: Elegant food histories and recipies by Agostino von Hassel.
and it's not her singing and dancing; Marti's Billy was more Razzle than Dazzle; Wonder Woman Lynda tried to save her career; Flop Idol Darius was a jailhouse shocker; Big Mama Gaby was past her cell-by date; Cheesy tunes were no Hassel for the Hoff; Jazz the job for us next?
Hassel and Michelle Godard Terrell evaluated 58 recent comparison studies of charter school and district school performance and examined each by its methodology and findings.
Chris Hassel surely had both to have compiled Shakespeare's Religious Language, the product no doubt of decades of fruitful, hard work.
Hassel says he has tried to include all the words in Shakespeare with any religious nuance but tried not to dwell too long on the most obvious, and includes biblical and liturgical allusions only when the word takes on religious significance largely through that allusion.