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Similarly the diameter of Hassall's corpuscles was measured along its long axis through 100x objective in three randomly selected different fields.
Independent samples t-test was used to detect any significant difference between the experimental and control groups by comparing mean numbers of epithelioreticular cells and the size and number of Hassall's corpuscles in the medulla of thymus.
Although, no considerable difference was encountered between the experimental and control groups regarding the number of Hassall's corpuscles, their diameter was considerably larger in the group exposed to retinoic acid (p=0.
The length and the size of Hassall's corpuscles were also significantly different in the experimental subgroup A2 and control subgroup B2 (table-I).
Liberti et al (1994) reported that the mean areas of the Hassall's Corpuscles increased with the foetal age, with the greatest observable difference between 16th to 19th and 20th to 23rd weeks.
Liberti EA, Fagundes T P, Perito M A, Matson E, Konig Junior B: On the size of Hassall's corpuscles in human fetuses.
Hassall's Corpuscles in the thymus of foetuses, infants and children: immunological and histochemical aspects.
Hassall's corpuscles were seen in all the specimens but with varying number, size, and shape.
Medulla exhibited a number of Hassall's corpuscles which varied in size and shape.
Thymus in the age group of 11-20 exhibited normally lobulated thymus with Hassall's corpuscles in the medulla.