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a sect of Orthodox Jews that arose out of a pietistic movement originating in eastern Europe in the second half of the 18th century

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27) This was a challenge in communications across space, but it was no less a challenge in message and audience; Hasidim sought to spread elitist notions of an all-consuming spiritual quest and ecstatic devotion.
Ayala Fader, associate professor of anthropology at Fordham University, who has studied the role of yiches in matchmaking among Hasidim, notes that while family yiches remains "the ideal," their approach to matchmaking is more nuanced, placing the most weight on an enduring match that will be good for community continuity.
The openness and communicativeness of Habad Hasidim is evident in the identity of Ben-Moshe's informants, one of whom was a chance hitchhiker he picked up on the way back from a wedding, and who eventually would set up a farbrengen especially for Ben-Moshe's benefit.
Though derived from European efforts to observe, classify, and preserve "exotic savages" from abroad--efforts that were themselves part of the attempt to consolidate European identity in lock-step with the formation of Empire--these discourses came to be applied to European Jews, especially, but not limited to, the Jews of Eastern Europe and in particular, the Hasidim.
In "Hassidim and the 'Reasonable Accommodation' Debate in Quebec," Shaffir analyzes the responses of Quebec's Hasidim to the reasonable accommodation publicity, much of which intimates that Hasidim make poor neighbors.
Instantly, the hasidim began to bombard him with pointed questions about his level of kosher observance.
27) The early hasidim were described as zealous worshipers who would spend an hour in contemplation and meditation prior to praying.
In this successor work, he returns to the same geographical and temporal setting but shifts his attention to relations between the Hasidim and the state and its representatives in the context of Polish political history.
Weberman is a member of the Satmar Hasidim, an insular ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, in Williamsburg and worked as an unlicensed counselor.
The original Hebrew name of the congregation is Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim and the building itself was finally built in 1833 to support a thriving Jewish community.
He also began to foster a new outlook for the Hasidim that attracted a following.
Chartered planes brought in the Rebbe's Hasidim from the far-flung parts of the world, including Australia and South Africa.
El grupo matriz de la secta esenia habria sido el de los hasidim (los "piadosos") para Puech.
Hasidim were the staunch anti-assimilationist Jews under Seleucid-Greek rule to whom the Book of Daniel is addressed, as discussed in Part I of this article.
Ibtin - PNN - Four 18 year old yeshiva students from the Jewish village of Kfar Hasidim were arrested today on charges that they vandalized a mosque in the nearby Arab village of Ibtin.