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a member of a Jewish sect that observes a form of strict Orthodox Judaism

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Matisyahu returns to Israel on tour with new positive, hopeful songs that combine hasidic Judaism, jam band rock, hip hop and reggae.
The Fogelmans came to Worcester from Brooklyn in 1942 to spread the Lubavitch movement of Hasidic Judaism, especially the teachings of the late Rabbi Menachem Mendell Schneerson, who became the group's beloved Rebbe or leader, and they opened the school four years later.
How much were satirical treatments of religious believers influenced by Jewish enlightenment attacks on Hasidic Judaism, some of them likewise written by people of unquestioned orthodoxy?
Based on their own self-definitions, Lubavicher Hasidic Judaism and the Lefebvrist Catholics of France are portrayed respectively as "world creating" and "world renewing.
The writers leading the rediscovery include Robert Cohen, who explores Hasidic Judaism amid a secular American milieu; Steve Stern, who reinscribes the American Southern Jewish Orthodox community; Gerald Shapiro, who revises the "schlemiel" tradition to explore the unique burdens of contemporary Jewish American existence and test the possibilities for spiritual return; Curt Leviant and Hugh Nissenson whose fiction is informed by Judaic content; Melvin Bukiet and Thane Rosenbaum who grapple with the psychological, philosophic, and theological legacy of their parents' Holocaust history; Rebecca Goldstein, who examines Jewish American women's "ongoing creative endeavor to reconcile .