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The one-way characteristic of hash functions can ensure that disclosure of the "substitute of the system-side OTP' will not lead back to the actual OTP.
2013) "Development of a new integer hash function with variable length using prime number set", Balkan Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Vol.
As can be seen from Table 2, the best time characteristics were obtained by using the MD5 hash function, 65% faster than SHA-2.
2006) generates hash function for secure authentication inside of the information system.
10] Output length: Bit length of output generated by a hash function.
For a randomly chosen hash function, this effect can be modelled by a balls and bins model of the type described in the previous paragraph, with now [2.
This hash function reduces the probability that one processor receives more than one bucket with high frequencies.
To provide the important quality of data integrity, the e-mailing parties can combine public-key cryptography with what are called "one-way hash functions.
Implementation and Benchmarking of Perceptual Image Hash Functions.
i](*) denotes the message x performs one-way hash function for i times, and T is a timestamp.
The cipher puzzle-based authentication method is valid and efficient, because it only introduces a few hash function operations and comparisons to authenticate the reboot command and the version number rVerNum.
An HMAC is a type of message authentication code (MAC) calculated using a specific algorithm involving a cryptographic hash function in combination with a secret key.
Some of the symposium paper topics include development of a crop growth monitor based on optical principles, predicting grain protein content by in situ reflected spectrum in winter wheat, virtual instrumentation for thermal measurement systems, greenhouse temperature adaptive fuzzy control, an artificial neural network model for setting target cotton yields, and a partial unrolling technique for SHA-256 hash function.
It calculates a fingerprint for each chunk using a cryptographic hash function (e.
Bitcoin mining is based on the computation of a cryptographic mathematical function commonly known as the SHA-256 hash function.