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ON THE UP Newcastle Hash House Harriers received a grant from Comic Relief and saw its membership numbers swell
The Spa Hash House Harriers (also known as Spa H3) were joined by a guest visitor, a member of London City Hash who had searched online for a hash near to his current work at the NEC.
Since 1988, Hash House Harriers running clubs worldwide, including ones in New Orleans, Moscow and Tokyo, have held Red Dress Runs.
The first marathon was organised by a group called the Hash House Harriers, which was started in 1972.
Sambuchi has been running regularly since joining the Northboro Hash House Harriers, a club that combines exercise and alcohol.
Thanks also to the Newcastle Hash House Harriers who provide a beer stop en route
The run, organised by Birmingham Hash House Harriers, starts at noon from the Drawbridge pub in Majors Green.
That would be the Eugene Hash House Harriers, that wacky Eugene running (and drinking) club that has been holding an annual Super Bowl Sunday run for the past decade or so.
Forget football and rugby, this weekend the Welsh capital played host to a different type of athlete - the Hash House Harriers.
And posh people's running club the Hash House Harriers sparked panic in Edinburgh by using piles of flour to mark the route for a race past the US Consulate.
The Birmingham Hash House Harriers are staging a performance from The Drawbridge pub, in Drawbridge Road, Shirley, from noon on Saturday, September 13, pounds 2 to enter.
Meet the Eugene Hash House Harriers, a cult of gonzo runners packing 22-ounce beers and 10-pound sacks of flour.
Hash House Harriers are runners who follow a trail laid by one of their members known as a 'hare'.
He bought the Aree hostel two years ago for pounds 10,000 and is a runner in a local athletics club, the Hash House Harriers, along with his Thai girlfriend.