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Czech author of novels and short stories (1883-1923)

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Zeman has in the past hinted he may prefer Hasek as prime minister after the election.
Hasek becomes the latest high-profile player to move to the KHL, which was formed in 2008 with teams from Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Kazakhstan, joining former NHL All-Star forwards Jaromir Jagr and Sergei Fedorov.
Early on in the NRLC workshop Hasek dealt with the most common criticism.
The increase in the resource we anticipate out of the new information is going to be quite substantial," said Hasek.
Just 1:56 into the game, defenseman Kent Huskins beat veteran goaltender Dominik Hasek in the upper-right corner of the net to give the Ducks a rare early lead.
Characters include hockey legends Jaromir Jagr (Ales Briscein), now with the New York Rangers; deified goalkeeper Dominik Hasek (Jan Mikusek), now with the Detroit Red Wings; and former Intl.
The third element consists of citations or references to various different styles: when the hockey go Hasek is raised up on high we here a distorted fanfare from Also Sprach Zarathustra, and the following Shamanic Dance evokes a coupling of The Rite of Spring and Jesus Christ Superstar.
The first four decades of the last century, when many German-speaking citizens, Jewish or Christian, lived in the Czech lands, Prague appears in Mest'an's essays as a kind of "European literary laboratory, from which, with some delay, the glory of Kafka, Franz Werfel, but also of Frantisek Langer, Karel Capek and Jaroslav Hasek was spread into the world.
Jaromir Jagr and Dominik Hasek may not be able to hold a tune but their talent for ice hockey is about to become immortalised in song.
With goalie Dominic Hasek in top form, they can," answers Hoady.
Hasek claims that natural gas will replace coal as the future's preferred electric power fuel source.
SPARTA PRAGUE boss Ivan Hasek expects Arsenal to be among the contenders when the champions of Europe are crowned.
Dominik "The Dominator" Hasek, the injured allstar goalie with the Sabres, was involved in an altercation with Buffalo News hockey columnist Jim Kelley on April 26, which resulted in Hasek being suspended by the National Hockey League for the first three games of the semifinal conference playoff series against the Philadelphia Flyers, and fined $10,000.
Hasek planned to continue The Good Soldier Schweik to six volumes, but died after completing the fourth.
Hasek has been the most influential "uncle writer" of Eastern European literature.