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the state capital of Connecticut

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But soon thereafter a buddy proposed that Hartford join him in organizing VVAW chapters on the west coast.
Standard & Poor's will be meeting with the management of the Hartford group in the immediate future to review potential exposure to the WTC disaster and its impact on the company's capital planning process.
Markets like Manchester, Farmington and West Hartford have grown significantly at the expense of older, established retail corridors like Bloomfield and Newington.
The best-case scenario, says Cuddy, would be for the remaining Hartford Ballet dancers--reduced from twenty-three to thirteen this season--to finish out their contracts and be rehired in the spring for the 1999-2000 season by the new group, which is not expected to have "ballet" in its name.
Long known as the insurance city, Hartford, with its Puritan roots, might seem an unlikely place for Twain to have called home.
The Hartford Financial Services Group (The Hartford or 'the group') is a financial services group engaged in the provision of insurance and financial services.
The Hartford also offers a wide range of management liability coverages through its Hartford Financial Products division.
Hartford Life's high-quality products shine as people tend to move towards consistent performing products with a solid reputation for asset management and customer service," said John C.
Hartford Ballet also has fewer dates at its traditional downtown venue, the 2,800-seat Bushnell.
June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- ITT Hartford Insurance Group's Agency Personal Lines operations is betting that it can improve itself by improving the living environment -- and lives -- of homeless families and abused teenagers.
For nearly 200 years, The Hartford has been protecting Americans -- their homes, cars and valued possessions -- with a wide range of outstanding insurance solutions," said Mike Concannon, senior vice president of personal lines at The Hartford.
The donation, made in a ceremony at Hartford City Hall attended by Hartford Mayor Michael Peters and Hartford Police Chief Joseph Croughwell, is part of a nationwide program initiated by ITT Corp.
We are so pleased that the work we did for The Hartford was recognized with this prestigious award.
The partnership should reduce workers' comp costs and bring new advances in medical delivery and quality control to our business customers," said John Donahue, senior vice president, ITT Hartford.
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