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United States poet (1899-1932)

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He is currently working on a book project exploring the interrelations of material studies and alternative sexuality in the poetry of Amy Lowell, Langston Hughes, and Hart Crane.
In 1922 Harold Loeb asked her to become the American editor for Broom, where she mentored Hart Crane and Jean Toomer.
Perhaps the most careful account of Crane's failure is first laid out in Yvor Winters's quite extraordinary [1943] essay, "The Significance of The Bridge by Hart Crane, or What Are We to Think of Professor X.
These elements represent major puzzle pieces in a maze that make up the integral iconic image of Hart Crane.
Certainly the tragic career of Hart Crane himself throws one kind of light on the matter.
His poems have been shaped by Virgil and Dante, Edmund Campion and John Donne and Gerard Manley Hopkins, the confessional modes of Berryman and Lowell, the American idiom of Williams as well as the syntactic complexities of Wallace Stevens and the troubled visionary world of Hart Crane (the last three subjects of poems in Epitaphs).
After acclaimed turns as actor James Dean, Harvey Milk's lover Scott Smith, and poets Allen Ginsberg and Hart Crane, plus a cameo in the upcoming movie about the last days of Sal Mineo, next on Franco's to-do list is nonconformist, censor-defying photographer Robert Mapplethorpe.
Moreover, all of this work exists alongside essays and book chapters on crucial figures in an expanding canon that Martin taught us to read anew: Whitman (including his pioneering essay on Whitman and Thomas Mann that appeared in WWQR in 1986), Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James, Hart Crane, E.
The actor has also played beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 'Howl' and poet Hart Crane in 'The Broken Tower'.
The affinities and points of contact between Thomas Wolfe and Hart Crane, two important--though often marginalized--literary figures of American Modernism, are many and run deep.
Portrait of the Artist with Li Po" appears in The Southern Cross (1981), after five other self-portrait poems and immediately after "Portrait of the Artist with Hart Crane," so it stands in complex relation to these other poems and to the act of painting oneself, or a self, into a poem.
Commencing with that rugged, empathic democrat, Walt Whitman, and following with a score of other character studies, including considerations of poets Hart Crane and Marianne Moore, Native Son author Richard Wright, and contemporary novelist Paul Auster, Hughes writes capably about the vast terrain Brooklyn writers have traversed.
Following his Hart Crane biopic "The Broken Tower," self-styled professional dabbler James Franco examines the tragically shortened life of another gay artist in his unealightening but not ungenerous portrait of Sal Mineo.
He added: "I have a film coming up that I directed about the poet Hart Crane, and I give a b**wjob in that movie.
Ezra Pound, Hart Crane, Alain-Fournier and James Joyce were just a few of the others.