Harry Truman

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elected vice president in Roosevelt's 4th term

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It is an honor to work in the same Senate offices as Harry Truman, whose tenacity, character, and courage to confront difficult problems are values admired by fellow Missourians and people across the country, said Blunt.
The USS Harry Truman, one of 10 nuclear powered aircraft carriers in the US military arsenal, will not be patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf as US naval assets bear the brunt of sweeping spending cuts, it was reported in the Telegraph.
While American, British, and Russian armies were smashing into the heart of Nazi Germany and American troops were fighting a ferocious battle with the Japanese in the Pacific, Harry Truman took the oath of office, swearing to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Kelly was a speechwriter for Harry Truman during his 1948 presidential campaign against Thomas E.
When those are completed, consideration would then turn to improvements to Harry Truman Drive, Blue Ridge Boulevard and Grandview Road.
Harry Truman was said to be living proof of the old adage that any man could become President of America.
Details: Bureau de Monetisation des Programmes d'Aide au, Developpement Blvd Harry Truman, Ancien Immeuble Casino Intl, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, PO2488 Contact: Michael Lecorps, Director General.
In a March 2003 Washington Post book review, George Washington University law professor Jeffrey Rosen wrote, "Roosevelt thought that Douglas would be the strongest running mate in 1944, but Democratic bosses persuaded him to pick Harry Truman instead.
Examiner offered a similar endorsement on Wednesday, stating in its editorial: "While no candidate is perfect, presidents like Harry Truman remind us that defending and enriching America's place in a dangerous world often requires the sometimes rough-hewn character of men and women who always put country first, no matter the cost to them personally.
Bush and his father; Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, and James Madison.
Referencing a famous quote from folksy former Democratic President Harry Truman, Clinton said: "I m with Harry Truman on this.
A painting given by Winston Churchill to Harry Truman is to be auctioned in London by Sotheby's.
But there is no evidence to suggest that President Harry Truman approved any part of Hoover's proposal.
After a recent meeting with the president, George Stephanopoulos reported, "He believes that whoever replaces him, like General Eisenhower when he replaced Harry Truman, may criticize his policy during the campaign but will likely continue much of it in office.
Justice Black had Harry Truman to his place for bourbon and barbecue after handing him a stinging setback in the steel-seizure cases.