Harry Truman

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elected vice president in Roosevelt's 4th term

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The USS Harry Truman, one of 10 nuclear powered aircraft carriers in the US military arsenal, will not be patrolling the waters of the Persian Gulf as US naval assets bear the brunt of sweeping spending cuts, it was reported in the Telegraph.
While American, British, and Russian armies were smashing into the heart of Nazi Germany and American troops were fighting a ferocious battle with the Japanese in the Pacific, Harry Truman took the oath of office, swearing to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
After a recent meeting with the president, George Stephanopoulos reported, "He believes that whoever replaces him, like General Eisenhower when he replaced Harry Truman, may criticize his policy during the campaign but will likely continue much of it in office.
Justice Black had Harry Truman to his place for bourbon and barbecue after handing him a stinging setback in the steel-seizure cases.
Other gems, courtesy of the WSU sports information staff, from the last time the Cougars played at home as a ranked team: Harry Truman was President; the minimum wage was 75 cents; milk was 82 cents a gallon; gas was 27 cents a gallon; a loaf of bread was 14 cents; and stamps were three cents.
In the Youngstown case, President Harry Truman cited his "inherent authority" and attempted to seize a steel mill during the war in Korea.
So far, 22 of these bronze sculptures have been completed, including George Washington, John Adams, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H.
That compares to 77 by his father, George Bush Senior, who served four years as President and 1913 by Harry Truman over nearly eight years.
As US President Harry Truman once said: "There is nothing new in the world expect the history you do not know
They have signed terms of unconditional surrender," said President Harry Truman in his national address.
Continued Heilbrunn: "The slander against Roosevelt that Bush has taken up dates back to the early 1950s, after Harry Truman and Dean Acheson had supposedly 'lost' China to communism.
Harry Truman particularly admired a neighbor's ginkgo tree and in taking his daily constitutional made sure to pass beneath the tree's stunning foliage.
We picked him because he used to work for Harry Truman.
However, he added, "I believe what Harry Truman said, that many people are indispensable but no one's irreplaceable.
A, Harry Truman, ordered the first use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, he did so with these words: "The U.