Harry Stack Sullivan

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United States psychiatrist (1892-1949)


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Field theory in psychoanalysis, Part I: Harry Stack Sullivan and Madeleine and Willy Baranger.
As luck would have it, Harry Stack Sullivan, Blechner's hero, lived for thirty years with a male companion that he had rescued as a teenager from the streets.
His psychiatric training occurred at the famed Chestnut Lodge, heavily influenced by the interpersonal theories of Harry Stack Sullivan and Freida Fromm-Reichmann.
In response to the common refrain that we know about and do recovery already, the authors set the recovery movement within the conceptual framework of major thinkers and achievers in the history of psychiatry, such as Philippe Pinel, Dorothea Dix, Adolf Meyer, Harry Stack Sullivan, and Franco Basaglia.
And the great American psychoanalyst Harry Stack Sullivan developed an all-male ward for gay schizophrenics, in which most of the staff was either gay or gay-friendly.
Harry Stack Sullivan stated it bluntly: "Sexual sin is the mother of psychiatry.
Your chapter on Harry Stack Sullivan in Sex Changes is rich in conveying some of this older history, much of it previously hidden.
Historians of psychoanalysis will hear echoes of Otto Rank, Harry Stack Sullivan, Clara Thompson, Carl Rogers, Rollo May, and Irvin Yalom.
Harry Stack Sullivan said that personal identity, one's very sense of self, is the sum of all the reflected appraisals one receives from the important people in one's life.
Harry Stack Sullivan was one who saw the transformation from an undifferentiated state of anxiety and obsession into paranoia as an ominous sign in schizophrenia.
IN 1924 a young doctor, Harry Stack Sullivan, was put in charge of a ward for schizophrenics at Baltimore's Sheppard-Pratt Hospital.
Although Harry Stack Sullivan (1892-1949) was a leading figure in American psychiatry for more than two decades, his personal life remains obscure--despite a putatively exhaustive 1982 biography by Helen Swick Perry, Psychiatrist of America: The life of Harry Stack Sullivan.