Harry S Truman

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elected vice president in Roosevelt's 4th term

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To show its support of the local community, the new location will be hosting a Give Back event on Monday, October 5, in which a portion of the day's sales will benefit Harry S Truman High School.
The USS Harry S Truman is on display in Cologne from January before going to the 2007 Lego convention in Chicago.
of Southern Indiana) presents some 400 biographical entries on figures important to American politics during the administration of Harry S Truman (1945-1953), from Secretary of State Dean Acheson to Senator Milton Ruben Young.
In the summer of 1948, just prior to the presidential election that he won in November, President Harry S Truman signed an executive order ending segregation of blacks and whites in the military.
almost exclusively from the files of the Harry S Truman Library in Independence, Missouri" to show how the people of the country reacted to the many major events that occurred during President Truman's nearly eight years in office.
Harry S Truman will be depicted by Peter Small during Presidents Day activities.
I can remember as a small boy playing with my cousins, the Ericksons, when suddenly Aunt Mae called us to the radio; Franklin Delano Roosevelt had died, and Harry S Truman would become President
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