Harry Lauder

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Scottish ballad singer and music hall comedian (1870-1950)

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LAUGH ALONG Comedian Sir Harry Lauder would have loved the al fresco beach huts
Not content with that, Scotland as a nation was madeto look ridiculous when McBeth also allowed Taylor to appear at the UEFA conference to decide the venue, dressed as Sir Harry Lauder.
Robert the Bruce was said to be a Mason, while Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Sir Harry Lauder made no secret of membership.
The author also deals deftly with the 'problem' of Harry Lauder, music hall's first international superstar.
Now he has produced a CD to honor the memory of the vaudeville superstar Sir Harry Lauder who was born in Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland in 1870.
The Hirschfeld Archive includes the artist's first drawing for The Times (Scottish Vaudevillian Harry Lauder, January 29, 1928) as well as his last (Tommy Tune, December 15, 2002).
He also established the Harry Lauder Million Pound Fund to help the war injured.
THe incomparable 04 Harry Lauder was bringing his famous pipe band to the Olympia.
1870: Sir Harry Lauder, (pictured) Scottish music hall artist, was born in Portobello, near Edinburgh, as Hugh MacLennan.
Entries include Muriel Spark's dad, Sir Harry Lauder, Bill Shankly and the greatgrandparents of Proclaimers Charlie and Craig Reid.
Throughout their years performing together they worked with Sir Harry Lauder and Gracie Fields and toured with Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.
Great entertainers from home and abroad like Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel, WC Fields and Sir Harry Lauder are some of the stars to have trod the boards at the theatre.
And they hope the allure of famous locals such as entertainer Sir Harry Lauder, actors Robbie Coltrane and Stan Laurel, missionary Dr David Livingstone, comic Andy Cameron, Celtic boss Jock Stein and TV impressionist Janet Brown can eclipse the stars of LA.
This is for all the times you've said No, not ever again only to repent when you feel that gut August feeling you've never felt before, that this year, yes this year, is going to be our year and for all us dreaming on, dreamers who know the colour of disappointment is the colour of the Blues, and the colour of the Blues is the colour of the bridesmaid (the one found hanging from the end of a scarf up in the heavens in the rafters of the Kop) but still keep right on to the end of a serviceable number by Harry Lauder in the hope that something profound, like we've put more goals in the back of the sack than them, is lying there.