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United States magician (born in Hungary) famous for his ability to escape from chains or handcuffs or straitjackets or padlocked containers (1874-1926)

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Dave Bassett became known as Harry Houdini for his ability to escape the drop.
CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is in talks to star in the Harry Houdini biopic Death Defying Acts opposite GUY PEARCE.
A hundred years ago Harry Houdini, the Greatest Illusionist of All Time, was astonishing the public and pushing the human body to its limits.
With Leicester rooted to the bottom of the Premier League, he will need all the abilities that have earned him the nickname Harry Houdini for the number of times he has saved teams from relegation.
The prickly character, dubbed Harry Houdini, somehow managed to climb 6ft up a shut garage door.
Things get even weirder when Piper is taken to live with her uncle, who happens to be the world-famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini.
1926 - Harry Houdini performs his greatest feat, spending 91 minutes underwater in a sealed tank before escaping.
The legendary magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween 90 years ago at the age of 52.
With help from Nikola Tesla, Ehrich poses as Harry Houdini in order to draw out Kifo's next target--Thomas Edison.
ROHMER credited the world's greatest escapologist, Harry Houdini, for saving him from dreaded writer's block - and a complete breakdown.
FAMOUS escapologist Harry Houdini, above, knew just the thing to cheer up his struggling illusionist pal Sigmund Neuberger.
However, when Harry Houdini, the world-famous 'Handcuff King', performed a spectacular stunt on top of Newcastle Castle Keep, ninety-six years ago this month, very few people turned out to see it.
Based on the real friendship between Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and US escapologist Harry Houdini, it promised much, a Victorian X Files with one of the reluctant partnership, Doyle, a believer in the supernatural, and the other, Houdini, a sceptic.
Comedian Stephen Mangan (right) plays Sherlock Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle, who teams up with escapologist Harry Houdini to solve supernatural crimes in the Edwardian days.
TIn the new 10-parter, Stephen Mangan plays Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with US actor Michael Weston as escapologist Harry Houdini.