Harry Bridges

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United States labor leader who organized the longshoremen (1901-1990)


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That's the power of the ILWU,'' said Dave Arian, who worked at the docks for 44 years and now runs the union-supported Harry Bridges Institute, a nonprofit that educates workers on labor history.
Now, as a pensioner, Tyler affirms that "every time I go to the hospital, or up to the clinic, or have to get some medicine, I think, 'Thank God for Harry Bridges and the ILWU.
At a fundraising cocktail party for the Mine, Mill, and Smelter Workers' Union, Garry introduced her to Harry Bridges.
Jane Harman, D-36th, her district includes an area of Wilmington north of Harry Bridges Boulevard.
Michael Honey holds the Harry Bridges Endowed Chair of Labor Studies at the University of Washington and teaches American history at the University of Washington, Tacoma.
Through his academic sponsor, the Marxist economist Paul Baran, he got to know the left-wing leader of the long-shoreman's union Harry Bridges.
Before Harry Bridges won that right for the union back in the 1930s, the owners could simply whipsaw the different bargaining units by shifting shipments from a struck port to one still operating.
Michael Honey is Chair, Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, University of Washington, and Professor African-American, Ethnic & Labor and American History.
After all, her first real job in journalism, at the San Francisco News, involved covering the rough-and-tumble labor disputes on the shipping docks, where among her confidants was notorious left-wing labor leader Harry Bridges.
Topics include the San Francisco machinists, West Coast shipyards, Harry Bridges and the Longshoremen's union, the role of the CIO leaders, the role of government, and civil rights struggles in Southern California.
Among Hoover's special targets were Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, John and Robert Kennedy, Harry Bridges of the Longshoreman's Union, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
The image of a tolerant Harry Bridges and a Communist leadership during the 1930s moved by a spirit of fraternalism "regardless of political differences" is far-fetched.
Construction of the rail project begins on the heels of completion of the Harry Bridges Boulevard Roadway Improvements, a $22 million project also built with federal stimulus dollars.
Lewis, George Meany, Walter Reuther and Harry Bridges, none of them gentle, reasonable types.
He locates the fight against the loyalty oath, which lasted from 1949 to 1952, in a broader trajectory of struggle: from the 1934 general strike in San Francisco in which the Australian-born longshoremen leader, Harry Bridges, played a critical role, to the 1964 Free Speech Movement, which, says Blauner, attempted to complete 'the unfinished business of the oath years'.