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English actor on stage and in films (1908-1990)

English rock star

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23rd President of the United States (1833-1901)

References in classic literature ?
Harrison whom you saw just now--was in town, and that he would travel down to Woking by the eleven-o'clock train, and I wanted if possible to catch it.
If it had not been for Miss Harrison here and for the doctor's care I should not be speaking to you now.
Your advice is very excellent, Miss Harrison," said Holmes, rising.
Joseph Harrison drove us down to the station, and we were soon whirling up in a Portsmouth train.
By the way," said he to Joseph Harrison, "you found some place, I understand, where the fellow scaled the fence.
She had conceived an equal dislike for Lillah Harrison and her work in the Deptford Road, and for Evelyn M.
And that's why women like Lillah Harrison, who's worth twenty of you and me, have to work themselves to the bone.
Both Unwin and Harrison represented big banking corporations, and Daylight knew that if the house of Grimshaw and Hodgkins went it would precipitate a number of failures and start a flurry of serious dimensions.
Harrison has struck along with the Chauffeurs' Union, and I don't know how to run the machine myself.
Well, when next Mister Harrison happens around you tell him that he can look elsewhere for a position.
There is one green hand in the crew, Harrison by name, a clumsy-looking country boy, mastered, I imagine, by the spirit of adventure, and making his first voyage.
Johansen called out to Harrison to go out the halyards.
In the meantime Harrison had started out on the halyards.
In truth, Harrison was very sick, as a person is sea-sick; and for a long time he clung to his precarious perch without attempting to move.
It is said that on the occasion of a visit from General Jackson or General Harrison to this town (I forget which, but it is not to the purpose), he walked through three miles and a half of these young ladies all dressed out with parasols and silk stockings.