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United States author who wrote the stories about Uncle Remus (1848-1908)

United States linguist (born in Ukraine) who developed mathematical linguistics and interpreted speech and writing in a social context (1909-1992)

United States diplomat who was instrumental in opening Japan to foreign trade (1804-1878)

Irish writer noted for his sexually explicit but unreliable autobiography (1856-1931)

British marshal of the Royal Air Force

publisher of the first newspaper printed in America (1673-1713)

References in classic literature ?
Michael had yet to meet Harris Collins, although, from a distance, often he heard his voice, not loud, but very imperative.
Harris was punctual in his second visit;-- but he came to be disappointed in his hopes of what the last would produce.
Harris at four o'clock;--when his assurances, his felicitations on a recovery in her sister even surpassing his expectation, gave her confidence, comfort, and tears of joy.
Harris has crafted and transformed this street-smart, urban dance form into a complex, concert-stage product that offers a mix of messages to diverse audiences--young-old, black-brown-white, working-and-middle class.
Willkie, President of Brown Harris Stevens, Mercedes E.
It all paid off: Harris is the youngest professional BMX rider in 20 years to win the ABA's pro title.
Identifying all Islamic beliefs with extreme Islamist terror, as Harris does throughout the book, is a little like saying that the Maoist guerrillas of Peru's Shining Path are cognate with the Democratic Leadership Council.
Uncle Remus, the creation of Joel Chandler Harris, is one of many masks employed by the Plantation School to justify the restoration of white supremacy," according to Robert Bone's 1975 analysis (Bickley, Critical 139).
I think of this as more than a cookbook," Harris says of Beyond Gumbo.
William Harris published Plain Folk and Gentry in a Slave Society: White Liberty and Black Slavery in Augusta's Hinterlands.
Harris has stayed at the top by consistently demonstrating an ability to innovate.
In this beginning, Harris found the germ of a theory that enabled her to explain away all the anomalies that had troubled her in the literature on parenting styles and child development: essentially, the fact that all the developmental psychology research in the world had failed to nail down any significant, predictable correlations between how parents treat their kids and how those kids turn out--any that could not instead be laid at the door of their genetic link, that is.
the second largest publisher of romance novels (next to Torstar, publisher of Harlequin and Silhouette novels), Harris does whatever it takes to produce three Arabesque titles per month.
But while Harris turned 18 Thursday, his plans of celebrating with an X Games medal were dashed over the weekend.
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