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United States financier who negotiated a treaty with the Soviet Union banning tests of nuclear weapons (1891-1986)

United States railway tycoon (1848-1909)

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On June 10, 1954, she married Ralph Harriman, and he survives in Eldorado.
Launched in late 2016, Harriman Capital forms programmatic joint ventures with family offices and institutional investors to purchase and develop properties with innovative approaches and creative design to improve the way people in cities live.
New Job: Susan Bonesteel Harriman has been named executive director of ForwARd Arkansas, a partnership of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Walton Family Foundation and Arkansas Board of Education that aims to improve public education in Arkansas.
According to Black Diamond, the LaPlace operations are primarily located outside of New Orleans with an additional rolling mill in Harriman, TN and three strategically located stocking depots in Tulsa, OK, Chicago, IL and Pittsburgh, PA.
Pool trailed when Michael Harriman drilled in a low, first-time finish.
Dunn also did well to deny Harriman before the U's took the lead in a madcap moment when Tyler went from villain to hero and back again.
Hill and Edward Harriman battled for control of the Northern Pacific Railroad.
Wheeler) Harriman, 89, of Leominister, formerly of Northboro, died Tuesday, Oct.
Negative feelings among the Western Allies, particularly those resulting in the kind of advice offered to President Truman by Averell Harriman and George Kennan, are deemed responsible for the postwar breakdown; whereas if Franklin Roosevelt had lived, it is suggested, things might have been different.
Dubai: Craig Garry Harriman from the United Kingdom and Abdul Gani Mounir of Morocco were among the biggest winners at the Global Fighting Championships 1 held at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Thursday.
Daniel Williams, of Rockwood Close in Bradley, admitted assaulting Goslyn Harriman on October 10 last year.
Harriman, a Maine-based architecture and engineering firm with an office in Manchester, N.
Neil Burrows' red card early in the first half was the big moment as a try from prop Richard Harriman was enough to send the visitors to their fifth straight defeat on their travels.
He worked aboard the ship as a deckhand in 1948, and would return to captain the Harriman decades later.