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an obsolete firearm with a long barrel

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first thought that came to me was that I had gotten a harquebus shot to
A one-S bus takes kids to school, A two-S buss, a kiss that's cool, But I'll bet you a harquebus you never met a three-S busss.
Thus it was that the early hand-held gonne was superseded by the matchlock harquebus, which was replaced with the snaphaunce and dog lock muskets.
The Sultan had no standing army but each Muslim that respond to his call would come armed with the much dreaded kris or barong, along with some cannons and harquebus purchased or acquired from somewhere else by force.
Soon thereafter, Aguirre was killed by harquebus shots fired from two of his former rebel comrades.
This resulted in the creation of diverse schools of native art, such as that of Cuzco and the creation of unprecedented paintings like those called Harquebus Angels.
Deer and rabbits were so plentiful near Quito in the 1570s that a <<soldier with a harquebus could take six or seven deer at night, and it seems that the supply is inexhaustible>>.