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a clavier with strings that are plucked by plectra mounted on pivots

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But you are right in saying that the number of trained harpsichordists has increased, as has the interest in high-quality copies of historical instruments.
What is more, harpsichordists are expected to be adept in playing other keyboard instruments too, such as, for instance, the organ and the hammerklavier, which I had to study as well.
6, NDS' "Baroque Days" began with French harpsichordist Pierre Hantai, who performed a recital of music by William Byrd, Louis Couperin, J.
The fact that I'm gay isn't remarkable," says Schenkman, adding that Wanda Landowska, the 20th century's premier harpsichordist, was a lesbian.
Debussy intervened, his Suite Bergamasque delivered by Roge with a proper awareness of the music's homage to baroque French harpsichordists, superficially rhapsodic and improvisatory utterances stiffened by underlying harmonic constraints.
Harpsichordists and organists from a handful of states are expected to attend the Oregon Keyboard Institute, which starts Monday in Eugene and runs through July 19.
A representative of the young generation of Czech harpsichordists, Monika Knoblochova has a great deal to be proud of despite her youth.
Melodic strains are embedded throughout these chords, sometimes stated and sometimes merely implied, and skilled harpsichordists can highlight them with a subtle command of articulation, sustaining some notes and releasing others--in other words, voicing them as a pianist does with touch and dynamics.
Baksa adds few dynamics or articulations and does not indicate registration--a valid and sensible approach that enables harpsichordists to make their own decisions appropriate to the character of each movement and to the instrument being played.
The ensemble has performed with harpsichordists Pinnock and Albert Fuller, violinists Jaap Schroeder and Stanley Richie, cellist Anner Byslma, oboist Michel Piguet and vocalists Jan de Gaetani, Bethany Beardslee, Charles Bressler and Dawn Upshaw.
I am sure that present and future harpsichordists will likewise scrutinize this new catalogue in search of the perfect twentieth-century piece to complete a program or recording.