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  • noun

Synonyms for harpy

a person, traditionally a woman, who persistently nags or criticizes

Synonyms for harpy

a malicious woman with a fierce temper

(Greek mythology) vicious winged monster

any of various fruit bats of the genus Nyctimene distinguished by nostrils drawn out into diverging tubes

large black-and-white crested eagle of tropical America

References in classic literature ?
About us, like buzzards, clustered the sharks and harpies.
They rolled out of the saloon and into the arms of the sharks and harpies.
Bute end, as she too much feared they would, in banishing everybody that Miss Crawley loved from her side, and leaving that poor lady a victim to those harpies at the Rectory, Rebecca besought her (Miss Briggs) to remember that her own home, humble as it was, was always open to receive Briggs.
In this room, when I had died of grief, and long-deferred hope, two wily harpies divided the wealth for which I had contested during a wretched existence, and of which, at last, not one farthing was left for my unhappy descendants.
Elsewhere, poisonous harpie Babe visits her sister Sylvie in her care home where the two sisters are soon at each other's throats as Sylvie threatens to go the police and spill the truth about their past.
WE KID NOT Harpie, who lives Stateside, can cover 118ft in 25 seconds
Florence was born in Worcester, the last of seven children, James and Michael Daboul, Emily Carter, Anna Harpie, Betty Bouharoun and Mary Derrico, blessed to Joseph and Rose (Adam) Daboul.
They far outweigh the policies of greed and division introduced by the handbagging harpie.
Ms Sarelee Fisher, on the other hand, is a ginger wig-wearing harpie caked with make-up and bedecked with jewellery.
Mary is survived by a sister, Florence Birmingham of Millbury; nephews and nieces including, Anthony Carter and his wife Joan of Shrewsbury, Elinore Gallo and her husband Al of Worcester, Thomas Harpie and his wife Carol of Shrewsbury, Paulette Shaw and her husband Jim in California, Maryann Padula and her husband Jerry of Waterbury, CT and Rosemarie Daboul in Connecticut.
Thus, we're treated to Church leader Shirley Phelps, a ravaged fifty-something harpie, dressed like an off-duty WWE wrestler, wailing "Wh-whwhat did you think that God loves your praying?
AL FRANKEN: GOD SPOKE: Franken might be speaking in this doc, but right-wing harpie Ann Coulter won't be.
Oh, and lose the harpie asking people in pubs for their opinions.
Now I want to recount the harpie nails of in-law fury that clawed my mother's heart.
I know this is true because Gordo, Harriet Harpie and Lord Mandacity turned up in person this morning with 15 or so of their largest aides to point this out in no uncertain terms.