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United States choreographer who brought human emotion to classical ballet and spirited reality to Broadway musicals (1918-1998)

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Jennifer had worked for novelist Harold Robbins and organised his famous house parties, in his three luxurious homes across the globe.
The most popular name for a car is Betsy - after the best-selling novel by Harold Robbins.
And he also worked with commercial writers like Susann, Irving Wallace and Harold Robbins.
Harold Robbins, author of The Carpetbaggers and scores of other gripping sexy thrillers, died this week at the age of 81.
When they speak, the prose and inflections of Harold Robbins, not Tennessee Williams, come forth.
Having grown up reading Agatha Christie, James Hadley Chase, Eric Stanley Gardner, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and Harold Robbins, the plots come to him easy.
She says a rich diet of Harold Robbins many years ago has set the bar high for sexy fiction and Fifty Shades just doesn't measure up.
He went on to appear in The Survivors in 1969, based on a Harold Robbins novel covering fraud and murder.
As many as two in five drivers name their first car, with Betsy (which was the title of a Harold Robbins best-seller) the most popular current name.
Harold Robbins wove an unhappy married homo into the dysfunctional tapestry of his automobile-dynasty potboiler The Betsy; the character's wife has an affair with his father, and he later commits suicide because of a blackmail plot.
Best-selling author Harold Robbins died a pauper with the taxman chasing him.
I was going to be the Harold Robbins of Geordieland," sighed Waddell.