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a free-reed instrument in which air is forced through the reeds by bellows

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the division of the wind group into three Harmonien as indicated in the Tonkunstler parts, disregarded in other sources), "first because this information is irrelevant to performance on modern instruments, and second because it would have to be reconstructed, being woefully incomplete in the parallel passages of the orchestral parts and by no means obvious in the score" (p.
As Paul Walker, the editor of the composer's Geistliche Harmonien III (Stuttgart: Johann Weyrich Rosslin, 1664), notes, Capricornus is unfamiliar to most musicologists today, but "was in his day a central figure of the generation after Schutz" (p.
Capricornus scores all but one of the sacred concertos of the Geistliche Harmonien III for three solo voices, two or three obbligato instruments (usually two violins plus trombone or bassoon), and basso continuo.
Since the directions "tutti" and "solo" apparently regulated the activity of the Harmonien, Brown accordingly has projected these admittedly incomplete indications throughout the score.
Notation is clear, while extra spacing between layers - Harmonien, brass and timpani, strings, and vocal parts - allows the user readily to distinguish the principal families of sonority.