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Synonyms for harmonic

characterized by harmony of sound

Synonyms for harmonic

a tone that is a component of a complex sound

any of a series of musical tones whose frequencies are integral multiples of the frequency of a fundamental

of or relating to harmony as distinct from melody and rhythm


relating to vibrations that occur as a result of vibrations in a nearby body


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involving or characterized by harmony

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In this paper, it presents a generalized torque model of PMSM based on flux linkage reconstruction, which considers the high saturation of iron core, harmonic wave of air-gap field and the stator slotting.
This indicated that the second harmonic wave influenced the dislocation displacement related to the dislocation density, as well as the loop length.
The 2nd harmonic wave will be a very strong reflection, while the 3rd harmonic will be weaker.
When a time-harmonic longitudinal wave propagates through a cracked solid or interface, it will cause the tension and compression elastic asymmetry; then the waveform will be distorted and higher-order harmonic waves are generated [9-11].
Relatively small amplitude of the harmonic waves reduces the detection of echoes from multiple scattering events and side lobe artifacts are less likely to occur in THI.
Next we examine the superimposition of harmonic waves (in slow variables With respect to functions Sm (+ , x, y) it is assumed that they are odd-numbered on + and min 6S / 6+ is+reached at + = 0 (for all x and y ).
The problem of harmonic waves has always been concerned as a critical electrical quality problem in the power system.
With the HARMONIC WAVE, there's an economy of motion because you're not stopping to ask for an instrument to be passed back and forth.
It is composed of a 3D array of uniformly spaced identical sections situated in a free space and illuminated by a harmonic wave with arbitrary direction.
At the second harmonic, the equivalent resonator rejects the harmonic wave to the diode during rectifying.
Chapter 3 presents representations of wave polarization, which includes the general harmonic wave, polarization ellipse for plane waves, power density, rotation rate of the field vector, the polarization ratio, contours of the constant axial ratio and tilt angle.
That is because class-D generates a large amount of high frequency harmonic wave, which can not be heard by human beings in principle but inevitably affects our hearing, making the sound less popular.
Use of a third harmonic wave realizes sinusoidal wave control, contributing to quieter motor operation.
In this regard, after determining with accuracy by means of partial differential equations the permeance of an air gap of uniform length, Doherty and Nickle summarize their work as follows ([16], page 938): "The equations show that, when the air gap is small compared to the pole pitch of the harmonic wave, the permeance is simply equal to the reciprocal of the airgap length, as ordinary assumed.