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Synonyms for harmony

Synonyms for harmony

satisfying arrangement marked by even distribution of elements, as in a design

pleasing agreement, as of musical sounds

Synonyms for harmony

compatibility in opinion and action

the structure of music with respect to the composition and progression of chords

a harmonious state of things in general and of their properties (as of colors and sounds)

agreement of opinions

Related Words

an agreeable sound property

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The retuning of the lower strings of the guitar helping to create an Eastern element to the melody and the harmonic structure.
On the other hand, his two-part writing is founded from the beginning not on traditional counterpoint, but on the harmonic structure of his three basic chords.
These are well-crafted pieces, with a rich atonal harmonic structure and some quirky rhythmic effects.
Larger-scale structures such as these are usually deined not only by their melodies, but by their harmonic structures, so there is a clear distinction between the different sections.
Einaudi's simple melodic and harmonic structures are influenced by world, dance and rock music.
Written, probably for student performers, in 1681, this 'Last Judgement' is a virile, lively bridge straddling the language of rigorous counterpoint and harmonic structures and more expressive theatricality, the open forms derived from Monteverdi and the closed, well-mapped, movements of Scarlatti.
The mere fact that metal might display similar harmonic structures to those in other musical traditions doesn't imply that the sounds mean similar things within each music's context; Lilja's desire to connect metal to this wealth of other traditions needs interpretation.
This system treats aural training from the standpoint of hearing within harmonic structures rather than just trying to replicate intervals that are devoid of harmony.
Premiered by London's Philharmonic Society in 1885, Dvorak's Seventh Symphony blends strong nationalistic melodies and dance-rhythms with glowingly Wagnerian harmonic structures.
The prerequisites for successfully rendering a score include a reliable grasp of keyboard geography, command of tonality and harmonic structures, and a solid piano technique.
Unfortunately it's also prone to the criticisms levelled at the genre, namely a lack of feeling and technocratic obsession with ever-faster riffs and overly-complex harmonic structures.
It is clear the author is examining Beethoven's compositions to discover how and why certain melodies or harmonic structures create expressions perceived by the listener.