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a diatonic scale with notes separated by whole tones except for the 2nd and 3rd and 5th and 6th

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But our claim could easily be refuted by the fact that 4-3 also belongs to the harmonic minor scale; thus, without further evidence referring the subset to either the octatonic or harmonic minor collections, it would be unclear whether it signifies something supernatural or human.
Together with the D in the tenor, B[natural], A[flat], and F form a fully-diminished seventh chord, 4-28 (0369), which transposes a subset of the harmonic minor collection (set class 7-32 (0134689)).
The one-thousandth lesson was "The Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale" from Jody Fisher, a southern California jazz artist who has played virtually every style of music professionally.
Included is a chart of scales by group: major modes, melodic minor modes, harmonic minor modes and special scales.
Tastes are evoked vividly through various musical devices (for example, harmonic minor seconds for sour lemons and high, dreamy sounds with sustained pedaling for fluffy angel food cake).
He points out that the augmented second in harmonic minor scales presents an uncomfortable stretch when played with the traditional fingering.
Exotic flavors include Spanish dance rhythms and the "Arabic" harmonic minor scale, while triplets often contribute the impression of speed and facility.
Intended for the beginning pianist, the book presents fingerings for major and harmonic minor scales.
The pitch content is primarily diatonic except for necessary alterations for harmonic minor keys.
Pitch ID generates unlimited questions in every major and harmonic minor key in fifteen levels of graduated difficulty.