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Synonyms for harmonic

characterized by harmony of sound

Synonyms for harmonic

a tone that is a component of a complex sound

any of a series of musical tones whose frequencies are integral multiples of the frequency of a fundamental

of or relating to harmony as distinct from melody and rhythm


relating to vibrations that occur as a result of vibrations in a nearby body


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involving or characterized by harmony

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2] represent the amplitudes of the harmonic waves and h is the thickness of the test specimen.
A 2nd harmonic wave is twice the frequency of the transmitted frequency.
Relatively small amplitude of the harmonic waves reduces the detection of echoes from multiple scattering events and side lobe artifacts are less likely to occur in THI.
To proceed to studying the problem of non- harmonic wave packets evolution in a smoothly non- uniform horizontally and non-stationary stratified medium we presuppose the choice of Anzatz ("Anzatz" is the German for a solution type), which define the propagation of Airy and Fresnel internal waves withcertain heuristic arguments.
It's very useful to analyze and suppress wind farms harmonic waves.
In addition to the traditional problems of interference of coherent harmonic waves the interference of pulses is also considered.
In order to evaluate the quality of single data points, oscillatory raw data can be analysed by Lissajous figures and higher harmonic waves.
The actuators are driven in a closed feed forward control loop, which means that multiple order harmonic waves are cancelled even when engine speeds change very quickly.
This phenomenon could be described similarly to a sum of two or more harmonic waves having nearly equal frequencies.