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English actor and dramatist and critic and director noted for his productions of Shakespearean plays (1877-1946)

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This remarkably assured play--with a strong contemporary relevance--was written when Harley Granville Barker was only 28 and is his best known work, as well as being his most ironic and morally complex.
The Voysey Inheritance by Harley Granville Barker dates from the same era as Playboy (1905 and 1907, respectively), and though it is nothing like as famous - the recent production at New Haven's Long Wharf Theatre represents, amazingly, its American premiere - it is very nearly as good.
As Falocco tackles William Poel, Harley Granville Barker, Nugent Monck, Tyrone Guthrie and Sam Wanamaker and "The New Globe", his account of the various efforts and their ideological nuances is highly informative and well considered.
Biographer and scholar Eric Salmon, editing a letter written by Harley Granville Barker, fusses over what he calls a mysterious "momentary aberration, or even a slip of the pen" on the playwright's part.
The directors are Peter Brook (by Maria Shevtsova), Glen Byam Shaw (Nick Walton), Declan Donnellan (Paul Prescott), Peter Gill (John Burgess), Harley Granville Barker (Christopher McCullough), Tyrone Guthrie (Robert Shaughnessy), Peter Hall (Peter Holland), Terry Hands (Phillip Breen), Henry Irving (Russell Jackson), Michael Langham (Kevin Ewert), Robert Lepage (Karen Fricker), Joan Littlewood (Lesley Wade Soule), Trevor Nunn (Martin White), Joseph Papp (Patricia Lennox), Ben Iden Payne (Franklin J.
Luckhurst traces the British line back to the often overlooked pioneer Harley Granville Barker by way of the much-harder-to-miss Kenneth Tynan, whose influence in the role at the fledgling National Theatre has yet to be widely acknowledged or repeated.
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