Harlem River

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a channel separating Manhattan from the Bronx

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D031465 provides for Diving Inspection Services, underwater investigations of selected riverfront structures along the FDR and Harlem River Drive Corridor.
While the Harlem River is not technically the Hudson, it is undeniably connected as part of the network of waterways around New York City.
FreshDirect, an online grocer, needs to expand its operations and is eyeing the Bronx in New York as its "primary consideration" because CSX serves the Harlem River Yards Ventures there -- which could make it easier to expand to such cities as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.
Overlooking the Harlem River, it contains two of White's masterpieces, the Gould Memorial Library (completed in 1899) with its splendid dome, and the open-air colonnade of his Hall of Fame for Great Americans, from 1912.
Summary: A fire underneath New York City's Harlem River bridge cut off commuter train services into and out of Grand Central Terminal Monday.
major subway fire that erupted Monday under a bridge above the Harlem River,
Such was one starting point for the design of the Harlem River Bridge Shop Facility in Manhattan, a facility for administrative functions and trades, including iron, electrical, and carpentry, for the construction and repair of New York's moveable bridges.
Or worse, if you are silly enough to tool along the FDR or Harlem River Drive here with the top down on a V-6 Mustang convertible on a hot August afternoon in the middle of rush hour, with cars and trucks madly whizzing about you, with particulate matter of seemingly all sorts flying into your face and hair, savvy New York motorists will tailgate you, shake their heads, laugh and shout insults, including a nastily hurled AoVisitor
at Waste Management transfer stations in Greenpoint and at the Harlem River Yard.
CCA has applied the technology to two roll-off trucks in Brooklyn as well as on trash compactors and loaders at Waste Management transfer stations in Greenpoint and at the Harlem River Yard in the Bronx.
The year also saw the fourth Eddystone lighthouse at Plymouth, the new bridge at Kew and, in the colonies, the Free Bridge across the Harlem river.
org), on which one encounters magnificent miles of park along the Harlem River, beautiful and historic bridges beneath spectacular highlands, a waterside path with views of the curvaceous East River, green islands, seabirds, Jefferson Park, fishermen and ever-changing marine views of Queens and Lower Manhattan.
I am saying that this country is diseased and spreading itself all over the world in the form of globalization, which is just a fancy term for gentrification, be it in the South Bronx, where a young black man can eat 41 bullets in a single bound, or in Harlem, where whitey is pushing black people into the Harlem River belly up with the dead fish and condoms.
The Morris-Jumel Mansion is a Palladian-style house built in 1765 on a hilltop over looking the Harlem River at West 160th St.
The crack addict's murder went undiscovered until her body was pulled from the Harlem River in New York last week.