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a district of Manhattan

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Mott Hall middle schoolers in West Harlem, NY, studied the kinds of wildlife that flourished in their neighborhood when Native Americans lived there more than three hundred years ago.
The Real Estate Owned (REO) asset is secured by a class B, rent-stabilized multifamily housing project, consisting of 1,228 units, located in Harlem, NY.
A $20,000,000 first lien mortgage for the construction of a mixed-use construction project, with 22 residential and one planned commercial space, in West Harlem, NY.
Located in Harlem, NY, the properly has 75 feet of frontage along 125th Street.
Harlem RBI, founded in 1991, has evolved into an organization serving more than 1,000 youths in East Harlem, NY.
The Rose New Jersey Green Affordable Housing Preservation Fund will improve assets through a "green" capital improvement and operations program, seeking to replicate the success of 107-145 West 135th Street in Harlem, NY, a portfolio asset of the Rose Smart Growth Investment Fund which has become a national model for the greening and preservation of affordable housing.
The NIH awards will focus on issues including breast and prostate cancer in underserved populations, cardio-metabolic issues in Native and Pacific people, and health disparities in Harlem, NY.
com)-- On April 1, 2011, College For Every Student (CFES), a nonprofit organization committed to helping underserved youth prepare for, gain access to, and succeed in college, launches The Hall Pass Tour with its first public school concert at Global Technology Preparatory in East Harlem, NY.
The largest newly delinquent loan in the index is Riverton Apartments, a $225 million loan collateralized by a 1,230 unit rent-stabilized, multifamily housing project located in Harlem, NY.