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  • noun

Synonyms for harem

women's quarters


Synonyms for harem

living quarters reserved for wives and concubines and female relatives in a Muslim household

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Son cemaat mahallinin guney cephesinin tam ortasinda yer alan duz lentolu kapidan gecilerek harim kismina girilmektedir .
On our way up the winding path, we can see the terra cotta rooftops of Nes Harim poking through the trees across the valley.
SYRIA BORDER 1 :Syrian Harim district which is located near to the Turkish borderline was bombed by Bashar al-Assad regime warplanes on Monday afternoon.
The 93 graduates are Deborah Agee, Kellan Alexander, Shelby Anderson, Derek Ball, Camille Barkman, Mykall Beagle, Jacob Bertsch, Andrew Bessett, Nathan Boys, Jeffrey Brink, Taylor Britto, Anthony Brooks, Brett Burbee, Austyn Bushman, Katie Calef, Brendon Campbell, Austen Carroll, Kendra Chambers, Zachary Circle, Kyle Clairmont, Dana Clark, Rachel Cowger, Cody Crum, Charles Curry, Cody D'Agosta, Dietrich Dappert, Levi Davis, Harim Delgadillo, Kalani Ebaniz, Samuel Egan, Morgan Ellis, Stevi Finch, Tanner Flory, Kendra Franklin, Cody Fulkerson, Regis Gerber, Sarah Graves, Destiny Hadley, Alison Helzer, Brittani Hirsch, Ethan Hollenbeck, Daniel Holliman, Tess Hopper, Brianna Huey, Candice Jackson, Stefanie Jackson, Kara Jenness,
Attempts are now being made to try to revive regulations governing the so-called harim and hima zones, which were protective zones around springs and watercourses where no settlements were permitted, for example, to keep the water from becoming polluted.
Harim Abdullah Amin, 23, of Fenham, Newcastle, was appearing before Gateshead magistrates this morning.
Mi save harim na olsem kisim feelings, long tingting mi save kisim, tasol mi no bin pilim olsem sex.
Presidential spokesman Harim Peiris said at a press conference that Kumaratunga has officially asked Wickremesinghe to clarify a newspaper report which described Akashi as an ''international affairs adviser'' to the Sri Lankan government.
The eight from Lane County are Austin Anderson, Marist High School; Elena Parthemer, South Eugene High School; Elise Heater, Creswell High School; Harim Delgadillo, Pleasant Hill High School; Joanna Bilynskyj, Churchill High School; Kaitlyn Gee, Thurston High School; Nathan Jones, North Eugene High School; and Ryley McAllister, Junction City High School.
Harim Abdullah Amin, 23, of Fenham, Newcastle, has been charged with a section 18 wounding and was due to appear before Gateshead magistrates this morning.
Talks with the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) must start immediately,'' presidential spokesman Harim Peiris told a news conference in Colombo.