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a French variety of green bean plant bearing light-colored beans

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a French bean variety with light-colored seeds


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are dry oval pea sized white haricot beans that are grown almost exclusively for the canning industry [1].
Belay S, Wortmann CWS and G Hoogenboom Haricot bean agro ecology in Ethiopia: definition using agro climatic and crop growth simulation models.
HERE'S a warming and tasty selection for these chilly autumn days, using vitaminrich broccoli and nutritious haricot beans.
In this respect it has seen off the French bean, also known as the kidney bean and haricot bean, which arrived in Europe a hundred years earlier and crossed the channel with the Huguenots.
15pm Antony Worrall Thompson's team (green peppers) win Ready Steady Cook with a pork and haricot bean cassoulet, followed by a white chocolate mousse with orange zest shavings.
Although this Rustic Sprouting Broccoli and Haricot Bean Soup is rather hearty, it still makes for a perfect springtime lunch.
The beans are grown in Ontario, Canada, and the crop is much smaller than the haricot bean crop and slightly more expensive.
I had chicken breast with haricot bean stew, with a big side order of vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes.
The little white haricot bean smothered in a fresh tomato sauce simply will not stand the taste test - we are all beyond redemption.
They could call Hoddle a haricot bean, I suppose, but it doesn't sound very nasty, does it?
Heinz made the first British baked bean - a small, white haricot bean cooked with tomato puree and spices - in 1928.