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Synonyms for seppuku

ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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If British racing wants to commit hari kari it's up to them, but if there is no racing from Britain in the shops, the newspapers are not going to devote pages to it.
A colleague whispered to me that I'd committed Hari Kari and was finished.
Nice try, but if this does go ahead it will not go unnoticed - it will be the equivalent of committing political hari kari.
They regained the lead at the start of the second half through Paul Burns, sparking 11 minutes of footballing hari kari if you are a Dons fan but absolute heaven for followers of the First Division side.
We had so many chances to score but they we deflected, kicked or walloped over the bar, and then we go out in the second half and commit hari kari.
And it looked as if his team would succeed until the 63rd minute when keeper Kevin McKeown committed soccer hari kari by letting in the softest of goals.