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a city in northwestern Somalia

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Spokesperson for the UNHCR Firas Kayel, in this connection, reasserted the UN and IOM's commitment to protecting all refugees and finding solutions to the Somalis, 150 among whom expressed wish to be re-settled in Hargeysa.
It took me two weeks from Hargeysa to here and it was part of my long trip to tour continents worldwide, but they really disappointed me," Zhong said.
The artisans in Somaliland, for example, produced "popular plays and songs critical of unification," and six months after the referendum, there was an unsuccessful effort by "Sandhurst-trained military officers to stage a coup d'etat in Hargeysa.
77) In fact, the international community condemned the situation when ten (78) Hargeysa intellectuals were arrested, detained, and tortured for organizing self-help programs in 1981 .
The President, Daahir Rayaale Kaahin, spoke to the Western Mail from his office in Hargeysa.
British Airways (BA) is reportedly considering using Hargeysa airport in Somaliland as part of its recent alliance with Kenya-based Regional Air.
We operate regular passenger flights and cargo flights, between the Gulf region and East Africa and six destinations inside Somalia, including Berbera, Bosaso, Burao, Borama, Hargeysa and Mogadishu for passengers and the same destinations plus Kalabaydh for cargo.
Damal Airlines was created in 1995 and has a similar set-up, shifting tens of thousands of passengers and between 2,000 to 3,000 tonnes of cargo a year, with the focus of operations on Puntland's major cities Bosaso, Galkayo, Lascaanod and connections to Hargeysa to the west, Mogadishu to the south, Addis Ababa and Dirhidaba in Ethiopia, and Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE.
But to the north in Hargeysa, called Somaliland by its people, children attend schools, play soccer and parents rebuild broken homes.
This network, operating as Telsom Somaliland and serving the capital Hargeysa and surrounding cities, is the first wireless network connecting Somalia and Somaliland under one network operator, facilitating cross-border commerce as well as regional and international roaming.
38) In 1988, the SNM launched an offensive on Hargeysa and Burco.
The earth stations will be shipped by IDB SYSTEMS before the end of December to Hargeysa, Somaliland, and Bosasso, Somalia, and installed in early January 1994.