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Synonyms for hare

flesh of any of various rabbits or hares (wild or domesticated) eaten as food

run quickly, like a hare

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Front, from left, are Mason Halpin, Harees Hussain, Fozia Mahroof, Pinder Singh, Lee Forbes.
In Harees, south of here, a clutch of women sobbed on a hillside as they gazed down upon the village cemetery, torn asunder by a rocket attack that had toppled tombstones and left raw craters in hallowed earth.
The buffet section boasted a range of main courses such as fillet of fish harra, beef harees, stuffed chicken breast with tarragon sauce, stir fried beef in oyster sauce, vegetable curry and shrimp biryani to name but a few, but we wanted to put the live cooking station to the test.
Prepared by an army of cooks, the huge cauldrons of biryani and harees -- porridge like dish made of meat and wheat -- are either shuttled in entirety or repacked in small packages to be distributed in time for iftar at sunset.
Harees, fareed, thareed, khabees, hanfroush, makbous and mahmar -- mostly rice and stew style cooking -- are among the most popular local Emirati dishes during the holly month.
There are also classic Omani dishes that are found around the country, such as shuwa (tender meat cooked underground), qabouli (rice cooked in broth and spices), harees (a delicious slow-cooked rice and chicken dish served with a sweet date and cardamom sauce), and awal (shark salad).
Ayresome Primary pupils Kaci Hill and Harees Hussain with their poppies.
One of our most traditional and fascinating dishes is Harees - wheat, meat and ghee.
Visitors can also enjoy traditional Emirati food like breads and harees and a traditional kitchen offering biryani and majboos.
You can see it in porridge and harees - that stickiness carries on into the digestive system.
Often the first main meal consumed while ending the fast, Harees has come down the ages as a great leveller as it binds Muslims across the world like no other edible fare.
Add to this a wide variety of hot dishes including traditional Arabic ouzi, thareed, harees and a delectable array of tasty Arabic desserts such as um ali, kunafa and mahalabiya followed by fresh ghawa or red tea whilst enjoying a game of backgammon, carom or cards.
Well, different kinds of delicious food like harees, saloona, sago, thareed, aseed, lugaymat and many others," she replied.
The Heritage Display Area served harees, a traditional Arabic delight made of pulses and meat, along with sweet treats for children.
I managed to find my new favourite Arabian delicacy, harees, while the chicken stir fry noodles provided a different cuisine than normal.